Benefits of having an SSL secure website

Recently Google implemented a new policy regarding unencrypted sites. They started penalizing sites without HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure). Many website owners started seeing their Google ranking slip and traffic decrease. Though the change in policy caused a small panic among website owners, it’s not necessarily a...

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Logo Design Trends for 2017

Creative design studio Dubai Monsters has created an interesting infographic that talks about what they think, will be popular logo design trends in 2017. Even if they're not 100% correct predictions, it still gives you a good overview of what styles are up and coming. ...

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Design Trends for 2017

The driving force of design this year is the rebellion of creatives against the overly clean, white everything and almost too perfect aesthetic that the titans in the tech and retail industries have pushed for the past few years. Now we will see design take a...

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How To Stay Creative

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with people who are doing interesting things, who are thinking interesting thoughts, who challenge you to be better, and come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. That,...

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We’ve been inspired by hundreds of photographs, books, movies and words of wisdom by everyone from Jay Z to John Wooden. We’ve consumed mantras, manifestos, TED Talks and bits of inspiration we find on the web and on the street. We’re Collective Dallas. We help...

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